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Registered Nurse-Endoscopy

We are currently searching for a Per-Diem Registered Nurse to work Mondays – Fridays who can work cooperatively with staff and physicians and perform a variety of tasks

Major Responsibilities include:

  • Proactively participates as a team member in support of the total endoscopy process
  • Organizes time, equipment, supplies, and personnel to provide effective and efficient case management
  • Supervises and directs patient care in the endoscopy room
  • Verifies patient procedure prior to transport to procedure room
  • Participates in time out in procedure room
  • Uses safe surgery check list
  • Organizes nursing activities efficiently and effectively
  • Delegates activities appropriate to the abilities of available staff members
  • Considers cost containment by using supplies economically and by managing efficient turnover time
  • Assists with supplies, drugs, and equipment inventories to maintain stock level and availability
  • Addresses patient needs specific to the endoscopy procedure
  • Using two patient identifiers, identifies the patient and correct procedure, according to policy and procedures and communicates with the healthcare team
  • Reviews patient’s medical record and needs to provide continuity of care, collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team; communicates variances appropriately to other healthcare team members
  • Provides comfort and reassurance to patient
  • Maintains patient’s privacy and dignity
  • Explains procedure(s) and plan of care to the patient
  • Works collaboratively with the healthcare team to prepare the procedure room according to requirements of patient, physician, and procedure to includes, but not be limited to assembling and providing properly functioning equipment, supplies, and instruments
  • Works collaboratively with the surgical/procedure team to verify high level disinfection and/or sterility of instruments and supplies according to policy and procedure
  • Assists with the appropriate and safe positioning of the patient according to patient needs and planned procedure; monitors throughout procedure
  • Administers medication(s), per order of physician
  • Handles tissue specimens correctly and accurately according to policy and procedures
  • Logs specimens
  • Monitors patient condition and maintains accurate logistics and timely documentation per policy and procedure
  • Accurately comprehends and interprets physician orders and direction, following policy and procedures
  • Works collaboratively with the healthcare team to ensure continuity of patient care
  • Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned            


Candidate must demonstrate proficiency in acute care nursing, knowledge, and skills, be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing, have a current state license to practice as a registered nurse, maintain basic cardiac life support certification and ACLS, and have at least two year of registered nurse experience. 

We are an equal opportunity employer.